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About XML Sitemap Generator

About XML Sitemap Generator:

Welcome to the SEO CTRL’s XML Sitemap Generator Tool. This tool is used to generate an XML sitemap for your website, to index your site. This tool is developed especially for good ranking. This tool also helps you to calculate the total number of indexed pages on your website. Our SEO CTRL’s XML Sitemap Generator is so flexible. This tool is so easy and user-friendly.

How to Use this XML Sitemap Generator:

There are few steps to use the tool in efficient manner:

  1. Go to the XML Site Map Generator then enter your website URL.
  2. Specify parameters according to the preferences and the parameters include the dates, frequency and priority.
  3. Click on the “Generate Sitemap” button then wait for few minutes after few minutes result will be shown.
  4. After processing, it will present you some details about the sitemap that contains number of pages, XML of the file content and the link to the sitemap file.
  5. Click on “Save as XML File”
  6. Then put sitemap.xml into the domain root folder.

Submit the XML file to the search engine to verify it.

Features of SEO CTRL’s XML Sitemap Generator:

SEO CTRL’s XML Sitemap Generator creates a sitemap and index it better. Our tool is free and so easy. Just enter the URL and then select the options and then click on the button for creating file.