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About What is my Browser

About What is My Browser:

Welcome to the SEO CTRL’s What is My Browser Tool. Using this tool, you can easily check the details of browser that includes the name of the browser, version of the browser etc. This tool is very user-friendly tool that allows users to know the useful browser details as it fetches the information regarding the browser. With the help of this tool you are not only able to find out about your browser, but once you know all the relevant details, you can also decide whether you need a browser update or not.

How to use What is My Browser Tool:

  1. Enter the complete URL of the website.
  2. Click on the “Submit” button.

Results will be displayed immediately.

Features of what is My Browser Tool:

SEO CTRL’s offer you a free and quick tool with an easy interface. The tool works in an efficient manner; you just have to visit SEO CTRL’s and open what is my Browser tool from the list of free SEO CTRL’s Tools. By using this tool, you can know about your browser, its version, user agent etc.