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About Page Size Checker

About Page Size Checker Tool:

Welcome to the SEO CTRL’s Page Size Checker Tool. Using Page Size Checker tool you can easily check the size of the page and then make some change for reducing the size of the webpage then the time of page loading will be improve.  So the owners of the website must check the speed of the loading time of website so that the ranking of the website will be improve.  Due to the videos, images and other graphics on the website then pages become heavy and they take more time for loading.

How to use Page Size Checker Tool:

It is very simple for users to use Page Size Checker Tool. There are some few steps that user must follow.

  1. Enter the URL of the website.
  2. Press “Submit” button.

After these steps, our tool provides a report of page size in some few seconds.

You can easily reduce the page size and also reduce the speed of loading by scaling the images on the website. Reduce the image size then the loading speed will be improve.

Features of the Page Size Checker Tool:

SEO CTRL’s Page Size Checker Tool is one of the best tool to check the size of the webpage. This tool provides accurate results. This tool is free for everyone and is fastest and more reliable.