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About Google Cache Checker

About Google Cache Checker Tool:

Welcome to SEO CTRL’s Google Cache Checker Tool. Publishing unique content is one of the best way to get high rankings in Google. When Google Spider checks your site, it takes a snap of each web page and store them. When some user searches for a keyword  in Google search, the cached version is what Google uses to find if it matches with the searched phrase or not. Each search result includes a link to cached version of the website which takes the user to the cached page of the website.

How to use Google Cache Checker Tool:

  1. Enter the URL of the website.
  2. Click on the “Submit” button.

After few seconds, this tool gives you the results.

Features of SEO CTRL’s Google Cache Checker Tool:

Google Cache Checker tool by SEO CTRL’s, provides the users accurate results in some few seconds. Users can check up to 20 websites at a time, no registration or signup is required.