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About Class C Ip Checker

About Class C IP Checker:

Welcome to SEO CTRL’s Class C IP Checker Tool. Using this tool, you can check whether or not same Class C IP is hosting multiple domains. If you find out the duplicate addresses then use Class C IP Checker Tool. If other websites use the same address, then the ranking of your website will be down. And if a website that have same IP address is blacklisted or deindexed by Google it can also affect the ranking of your website.

How to use Class C IP Checker Tool:

  1. Enter atleast 20 domain names.
  2. Click on the “Submit” button.

After few minutes result will be shown. In result it display the host names, their IP addresses, Class C and the status of the host. In the result if the status of the ghost is valid then everything will be ok.

Features of Class C IP Checker Tool:

Features of SEO CTRL’s Class C IP Checker tool are that it is fast and generates accurate results and perform bulk check of upto 40 domains.